Job Description

In search of a qualified engineer equipped to do the following:

1) Plan all operations to maximize the efficiency of the work force,

materials, supplies, equipment and tools. Additionally, track productivity for labor and material costs.

2) Coordinate assigned projects with all discipline Project Managers or

Project Architects.

3) Assist, as necessary, with proposal preparation and progress payment


4) Review, as necessary, bi-monthly billings and submit to the applicable

Division Manager for concurrence and invoicing.

5) Check all work prepared by the support individuals for accuracy and

completeness. Coordinating paper flow, maintaining records, and

analyzing and improving methods and systems.

6) Establish and maintain a coordinated, and cooperative relationship

with project team; clients, staff, consultants, and contractor.

7) Establish and maintain a communicative, coordinated and

cooperative relationship with all other disciplines within the organization.

8)  Exercise sound and ethical business practices.

9) Assist in the preparation of employee evaluations semi-annually on

employees that work directly with the Professional Engineer.

10)  Assist in mentoring all Engineers-in-Training.

Other skill-sets necessary to be successful at Berenyi include :

1)  Coordinate the structural portions of projects and documentation to

ensure that assigned support effort is scheduled to satisfy project

requirements in the most efficient and effective manner.

2) Perform or directly supervise all necessary structural calculations to

document the design.

3) With the discipline Directors approval, Contract with outside services as

needed to satisfy the requirements needed for each project.

4) Coordinate with clients to ensure satisfaction with respect to each project.

5) Ensure that consultants' work is produced in accordance with company

standards of quality and meet the requirements for the project.

6) Be alert to opportunities to change projects, which can benefit the client

and company, and secure mutual approval prior to implementation.

7) Ensure that all local, state, and federal government and company

requirements relating to safety, code and environment are strictly adhered

to and enforced. Any deviations by the client are documented.

8) Support and implement programs to project a favorable image of Berenyi

Inc. with various industry groups, government agencies, and the general


9) Perform other duties as required by the applicable discipline Director.

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